Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cold Calling

Oh! the nostlagia of a telephone with a dial and loop-disconnect pulsingTwice in two days the secretary of B21 has received a telephone call, allegedly from BT. It was obviously from a call centre by the background noise, probably in the Indian sub-continent if the broken English accents were anything to go by. On both occasions, after having introduced themselves as from BT, they asked questions that if they were BT they would have known. On both occasions I replied that if they were BT they would already know this, and the caller hung up. On dialling 1471 their number was withheld. If they were genuine, I would have expected them to be apologetic and at least give a number where their credentials could be verified.
I have since contacted BT nuisance calls section where they confirm that these two calls were not from BT and that it is quite common for this type of impersonation to take place.

TIP: on incoming calls from people you don’t know. Never give out any information, and especially information that you would expect them to know if they were genuine, without verifying the callers details first. Remember that even with number transportability the vast majority of people with "BT numbers" are still BT customers. Also consider what is public domain and derivable information about your circumstances, i.e. what anyone can know.

I once had a call from an "Insurance Company" who asked if I had any valuables. Sure I’m gonna tell them that over the phone. They hung up too. No respectable company will do this. Take care now!

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