Saturday, March 17, 2007

Challenged and Stretched

an archery targetWhen I was at work my boss would always set me “challenging” targets arguing that I needed to be “stretched”. The idea is that setting such targets encourages innovation and creativity to get the job done. The government do this when they set targets for the likes of Schools and Hospitals and for new-build housing targets, and don’t we know it in the south east. But what do they [the government] do when it comes to setting their own targets? Answer: they don’t even have the confidence to set moderate targets. So why should we have any confidence in them?

“The draft Climate Change Bill calls for an independent panel to set ministers a "carbon budget" every five years, in a bid to cut emissions by 60% by 2050.” That is a period of 43 years from today.

The London Climate Action Plan sets its target at a 60% reduction within 20 years. Note the wording – “within”. They have explicitly recognised the potential to exceed expectations. If it can be done in the Capital it can be done nationally. If we can achieve 60% we can achieve 80% and we can do it quicker, and by golly we need to.

So, while our two prospective PMs blather on about who is the Greenest, our Green GLAMs are getting on with the Job.

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