Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ron Jeffries' Party Piece

a scene at Fairlop WatersAldborough Hatch Defence Association
Annual General Meeting
Friday 24th November 2006 at 8pm
St Peter’s Vestry Room, Aldborough Road North
All are welcome
An opportunity to say "thank you" to Ron!
The threat of an all-weather Racetrack at Fairlop Waters may be dead, but much needs to be done. The AHDA and B21 will be looking to the Council to improve the facilities at the sailing lake where a new boathouse and modern changing facilities are desperately needed for families, schools and youth groups. The country park needs to be properly maintained so that wildlife can flourish and the public may take full advantage of this unique asset on our doorstep. Where land released from gravel extraction is not required for farming, an extension of the country park should be explored. An information and visitors’ centre, an enlarged golf clubhouse and family restaurant would enhance the facilities for community use. Improvements such as these would not only be valued by Redbridge residents, but would also attract visitors, schools and youth groups from neighbouring Boroughs and bring additional income to the Council.We would welcome consideration being given to the site being used for sporting activities in preparation for the Olympic Games in 2012 – provided the openness of the Green Belt is not compromised in any way and that wildlife habitats in the Country Park are safeguarded.


  1. A word on country park management: this often involves mindless mowing of all grassy areas. For the sake of our disappearing skylarks, may I suggest that some areas of wild grasses be kept free of these pesky mowers?

  2. There is a chap down Wanstead way who has been banging on about this for years. In the aftermath of the M11 link road wildflower meadows were created in the Blake Hall Road area. On the Waltham Forest side - no problem. On the Redbridge side the meadows are mown at precisely the time that the daffodils and crockuses are coming up and again later in the year before the plants have a chance to seed.
    He has apparently managed to get a site visit with the relevant Officers for 24th November. I wish him well!!

  3. Why is Barkingside21 and the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association supporting a quickly proposed development of Fairlop Waters to support the 2012 Olympics? A development that besides incorporating hard surfacing and heavily mown grass will also bring more people to the site who have a totally different agenda to the sites current users

    The borough has plenty of “green desert” playing fields that are not environmentally sustainable. Fairlop Waters is managed for quite relaxation, the areas that are managed intensively are the golf greens the rest is managed for wildlife (Though the management to date has not been necessarily good for some of the species) It is noted as a “Site of Nature Conservation Importance” for the borough (SINCI) with the surrounding farmland. It is noted as such within the current Planning (UDP)

    I would ask all that care about the environment and wildlife to oppose any change in usage and campaign for better long term management that enhances the site for wildlife.

  4. Dear Enviro,
    We're not supporting a "quickly proposed development to support the 2012 Olympics"

    We are supporting "consideration" of the site for "sporting activities" PROVIDED the openness of the Green Belt is not compromised in any way and that wildlife habitats in the Country Park are safeguarded.