Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Polling Station

a ballot boxA place that not many of us visit these days. Brian Walden, ex presenter on The London Programme and ex-MP muses on Why? "You trot out in the pouring rain to the polling station and make a mark on a piece of paper, which is their passport to a privileged position that carries with it a good salary and expenses, plus a pension likely to be bigger than the one you'll get. You're electing them to look after your interests, but they seem to be looking after their own." And "about 50% of the voters "don't know" whether any political party would be any good at tackling anything." At least the one's that have been given the opportunity to do so.
Let's face it, it's their collective track record. Words are their product, not action. It's the implementation of policy that let's them down simply because most of the time the policy is just not practical. Craftsmanship is no longer a valued characteristic.
So how about it Tony? Looking for something worthwhile to do next summer? Looking for a new career outside politics? Want a challenge? Why not try sorting out the mess you've made of the Health Service......or the Police Service.......or Local Government......or...
Just pick one, save the next for Gordon.


  1. Quite agree. And here's another problem: the big political parties don't differ that much. So we don't have any choice when ir comes to meaningful issues. With all the religious arguments that are currently going on in a society which is about 75% agnostic, my vote at the next general election goes to the party that has the sense to remove Religious Instruction from our schools (the system in a far more religious country than ours: the USA). At a shrewd guess, this means I won'r be casting my vote at the next election. Maybe I'll pop along, so I can make a protest by spoiling my ballot paper. Depends whether ir's a balmy evening or not.

  2. 'Tony' has proven over the past nine painful years that he is nothing other than a parasitical political spiv. He must not be provided with any further opportunities to continue his programme of destruction of this nation.

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    A little unfair, the public services were in a mess when he came to power from the under investment and uncaring attitude of the previous Government. Blair's crime is not to sort it out and to carry on privatising; that is part of the problem not the solution.

    p.s. I have tried (and failed) to think of any merit that Thatcher has!

  5. Yes, we've had Under-investment and for the last 9 years we've had Over-Investment. Throwing money at a problem doesn't work if you don't use it constructively. The problem is political interference or rather political deafness. They don't listen to the experts. The Health professionals, the Police professionals, the Military [Iraq]!!!!

    Privatisation? Quote Jean Lambert MEP" It's not the system , it's the values behind it". The motive. The motive is a variable. Who do you trust?

    Mrs T was PM for 11 years. She was a grocer’s daughter and became topdog in the UK. She was a success. She had personal characteristics, which if channelled correctly would have given her the "merit" you can't see. She was merely misguided. We all [you and me] interpret or perceive the world around us through the filter of experience and social conditioning.

    Know your enemy! Learn from your enemy! Tricky! Don't become your enemy!
    That's the test that our current crop of politicians have all failed.