Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Front Gardens Matter too!

Just look what can be achieved with just a little bit of planning and imagination. You can still get your car off the road with minimal impact on the environment and flood risk by keeping just a small green area and using porous paving, which allows rainwater to go through the surface rather than run off into our already overloaded waterways.
Even if you already have hard standing it’s not too late, there are some basic steps you can still take to reduce the risk of flooding whilst at the same time providing wildlife habitat and improve your street scene and the value of your neighbourhood. House prices are 15% higher in streets with trees and vegetation. If you would like some further information on front gardens, please contact Adam Hickman on 020 8708 2036 or email
see BEFORE and AFTER illustrations below by Kathy Taylor, Garden Designs, Tel: 07884 073545

Front garden before Front Garden After

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  1. Or, better still, keep the front garden and get rid of the car!