Sunday, November 12, 2006

"Environmental" Crime

From November the council will be taking an even tougher line on environmental crime, reports the council website [6th Nov].
As a result of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 the council can now issue on the spot fines (called fixed penalty notices) of between £80.00 and £110.00 to people who commit environmental crimes. The full list of offences can be found here.

Two stand out:

“Nuisance parking”
Does this apply to the twice daily chaos outside our schools during term time? I’m afraid not. The guidance limits this to the sale of, or repair of, vehicles on the highway as part of a business.

“Unauthorised distribution of literature”
This enables local authorities to restrict the distribution of flyers, hand-outs and pamphlets that can end up as litter. I hope this does not apply to the Barkingside 21 newsletter and is directed at all the “inserts” in newspapers and magazines and all the “leaflets” that come through my letterbox, some of which I must point out, are generated by the Council and the GLA!!

The guidance can be found on the
Defra website with a summary here [PDF 17kb].


  1. And who will enforce these new regulations? Have you seen the pavement lately outside the newsagents opposite the swimming baths in Barkingside?
    At present I see no enforcement in place to stop bicycle riding on the pavement, rubbish scattered within two feet from existing litter bins, people throwing cigarette packets out of car windows or emptying car ashtrays in the street, wandering supermarket baskets left in the street and rubbish from the dozens of fast-food outlets scattered everywhere. Who will penalise the Council for the overflowing litter bins in the High Street? I could go on, but really it would be a waste of time and effort. (The biggest affront to the general appearance of the neighbourhood is the attachment of those enormous illuminated monstrosities to the lampposts in the High Street and elsewhere, and I'm told by the Council that these are perfectly legal. How do you differentiate rubbish from rubbish?)

  2. Once upon a time people would scrub their doorstep once a day and the pavement outside their house once a week. It was called civic pride.

    This has all been swept away by the pinko-liberal elite and the nanny state.

    They are now trying to sell us solutions that don't work to the problems they have created, and in the process get a gong, and a lucrative speaking tour before they piss off to the Scottish Highlands with a wheelbarrow load of our money!!