Monday, October 23, 2006

News Release - Fairlop Waters

Aldborough Hatch Defence Association
Release immediate: 23rd October 2006

Residents congratulate Council on taking back the lease of Fairlop Waters and giving undertaking to improve the facilities for the local community.

In a joint statement today, Ron Jeffries, Chairman, Aldborough Hatch Defence Association, and John Sharrock, Chairman, Barkingside 21, said: “We congratulate Redbridge Council on taking back the lease for Fairlop Waters from the administrators of Norham Multi Leisure Ltd.
“We are particularly pleased to note that the Leader of the Council has stated publicly that the Council will now take full control of all the facilities at Fairlop Waters. It is very good news that the Council will not seek to sell the lease to another developer, but that they will improve the site and its facilities for the local community. That is precisely what we have been fighting for over the past eight years.
“We would wish to pay tribute to the Councillors who have supported our determination to retain this much valued stretch of Green Belt.
“We note that the Council intend to consult with the local community. Our two organisations will be pleased to work with the Council to ensure that developments at Fairlop Waters benefit local people.
“We would invite the Council to consider improving the facilities at the sailing lake – where a new boathouse and modern changing facilities are desperately needed for families, schools and youth groups. An extension of the country park to take in land released from gravel extraction would be welcomed – with an information and visitors’ centre that could be used by schools and families alike. An enlarged golf clubhouse and family restaurant would enhance the facilities for community use. Improvements such as these would not only be valued by Redbridge residents, but would also attract visitors, schools and youth groups from neighbouring Boroughs and bring additional income to the Council.
“We would welcome the development of sporting activities in preparation for the Olympic Games in 2012 – provided the openness of the Green Belt is not compromised in any way.
“In congratulating the Council, we trust that they will have the vision to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to ensure that Fairlop Waters is developed for the benefit of the whole community and that the Green Belt is retained for generations to come.”
Ron Jeffries
[Ron can be contacted via the Barkingside 21 email]


  1. Barkingside 21 would like to pay tribute to, and thank, all the other local groups who campaigned with us on this issue.
    These include:
    CPRE NE London District
    Redbridge Group of London Wildlife Trust
    Riverside Concern
    Perryman's Farm Residents Association
    various Neighbourhood Watches
    [apologies if I've missed anyone]
    Plus of course all those who acted as individuals.
    Well done everybody!!

  2. As part of my asking questions about the history of allotments in the Borough, I have been given a snippet of great interest to me regarding a tiny part of the long history of the Fairlop Plain and I wonder if somebody will comment.
    Apparently, in the bird sanctuary area not far from the golf course there is a slurry pool which they used to sort out the soil when they were digging out various grades of sand and stone. A massive pit was dug and still exists with water on the surface but the soil underneath is as treachorous as quick sands and you would disappear without trace.
    Fascinating. Can our many local historians comment? Please.