Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Citygate House - Gants Hill

This former office block is currently being converted into residential flats by Fairview New Homes who on 5th July 2006 installed very large advertising banners on that building without advertising consent.
A formal objection has been made by a Gants Hill resident on the grounds that such banners reduce amenity and reduce highway safety, which has initiated the enforcement process. This has begun by the council asking Fairview to either remove the banners or apply for advertising consent. Fairview have chosen the latter course of action. Their application for advertising consent has been available for inspection at the First Stop Shop at Lynton House and the Gants Hill Library from 25th August 2006. Residents and other interested parties have three weeks from 23rd August 2006 to make representations about this application.
Representations can be made either by letter or by electronic mail. The council requests that your name and address is included, particularly if you reply by electronic mail.
Council Contact and Reference details:
Mr Dickson Famutimi
Planning and Regeneration Department
PO Box 2, Town Hall, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1DD
Tel: 020 8708 2177 e-mail: here
Planning reference: 2284/06
Citygate House, 399 Eastern Avenue, Ilford, Essex.
ADVERT APPLICATION - Hanging banners on existing building

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