Monday, March 11, 2019

“Just Ploughed Fields” – More on the Fairlop Market Proposals

Last Friday, 8th March, our friends and neighbours in Aldborough Hatch met with the Director of Planning and Regeneration, Matthew Essex, to discuss the Corporation of London Markets proposal for Fairlop Plain. (see earlier post here) Below we reproduce notes of the Questions and Answers kindly sent by the AHDA, but before that we have some maps, and we know how much Aldborough Councillor John Howard loves maps.

Saturday, March 02, 2019

You can’t Buck the Market
– Will New Spitalfields, Billingsgate and Smithfield be relocated to Fairlop Plain?

Yesterday, Friday 1 March, the Ilford Recorder ran a splash on the possibility that three of London’s iconic markets could relocate to a 162-acre (¼ of a square mile or ¼ the size of the City of London) green belt site in Redbridge, specifically Fairlop Plain. This was followed up by a “long read” article. It has been published as a Redbridge Press Release and is on the Redbridge Labour website as well as the Ilford North MP, Wes Streeting, waxing lyrical about it on his Facebook Page.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thought for Food

Never mind the “project fear” predictions of food shortages and riots after Brexit. There is a much more serious problem that our parliamentarians have been ignoring for many years and I’m not referring to Climate Change or wild fires all over the UK in February, although that is having an effect. What’s more it is gathering pace and like most natural phenomena will probably hit a critical mass tipping point and then collapse rapidly.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Redbridge Council Renege on Haul Road Decision – Nature Reserve will be Trashed UPDATED

UPDATE 13 Feb 2019: There has now been an agreement to move the haul road to a less intrusive site. See here.

At last November’s Council Meeting, Redbridge Council Leader Councillor Jas Athwal agreed unequivocally to the request of the combined deputation from the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association (AHDA), London Wildlife Trust (LWT) and Fairlop Birders that the route for the gravel haul road from Aldborough Hatch Farm would not go through wildlife diverse mature vegetation on Fairlop Waters Country Park boundary, but on open land nearby. This was supported unanimously by all councillors and reported fully in the local media.

Two months later developers Brett Tarmac Ltd invited the AHDA and LWT to view the proposed route of the haul road on Monday 28th January. In spite of the clear decision by Redbridge Council that the haul road would definitely be moved, it has now been made clear by Brett Tarmac that this will not happen.

Friday, January 25, 2019

"It's not an A&E as we know it, Jim"
– King George Hospital Update

Trying to make some sense on the future of our local Health services, and in particular King George Hospital A&E, has been somewhat problematic for many years. Whether it is the imprecise nature of our language or our elected politicians, and to some extent the BHRUT Management, being deliberately obscure is a moot point.

We had the then Secretary of State for Health telling us during the 2017 general election campaign that KGH A&E “would remain open for the foreseeable future” when we all know that “a week in politics is a long time”.