Friday, April 13, 2018

Redbridge Council Elections 2018: Review

Just in case you haven’t noticed, our democratically elected representatives’ tenure in the Council chamber are due for renewal on May 3rd. Please do vote, and if you don’t then don’t complain. We already know there will be significant changes to the roll call, but we don’t know what names will be on the big shiny board come the first vote at Full council after the election. We do know there will be some happy faces, some surprised faces, and some down in the dumps faces in the early hours when May 4th is with us.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Technology – The Pen makes a Comeback

Being an engineer I do like a bit of technology and I am very impressed with Apple’s new iFountain Pen. This baby has got it all and it means you can still stick to Debrett’s etiquette guide of using handwriting for personal correspondence without compromising the need to keep copies and store your letters on a secure digital iCloud medium.

Barkingside Town “Square” to get a Revamp

After spending an enormous amount of public money refurbishing Barkingside library and its surroundings a few years ago, so that it can just sit there unused, Redbridge council is now to be forced by the GLA to enter into another major reconstruction program to ensure that Ken Aston Square is actually just that: a square.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Anyone Seen My Hedgehogs?

For many years I had hedgehogs in my garden. One day, in the summer of 2000, I went out there in the late evening and there were two in the process of making baby hedgehogs. I named them Bert and Masie. But gradually the sightings decreased until a few years after that they disappeared. I never saw them again or any sign of them until last summer when one rather friendly critter scampered past my feet and took shelter behind a tray that was propped against the outside wall. I’ve not seen him since so I’m going to learn how to track them - I have applied for my free hedgehog detective kit from London Wildlife Trust. We like hedgehogs in our garden – they eat slugs. We don’t like slugs.