Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Redbridge set to Charge for Green Garden Waste Collection

As predicted in an earlier post Redbridge Council are proposing to charge for the Green Garden Waste Collection service and make it fortnightly between April and October.

In a press release today (30 November) Redbridge council has announced that residents would pay around £50 per year and be supplied with five rolls of 10 biodegradable bags. They would also be able to buy additional rolls of 10 bags, at a cost of £10 per roll. The bags would be collected fortnightly between April and October with the service halting between November and March.

The plans are set be discussed at the Neighbourhoods Service Committee on Wednesday 7 December (item 7d on the agenda) which clashes with both the Local Forum at Mossford School in Barkingside and the Christmas lights switch on in Barkingside High Street at Ken Aston Square. Planning was never one of Redbridge council’s strong points. It is highly likely that these proposals will be approved, these things don’t get to service committee without having first been agreed by the majority party.

If take up is low, and we expect it to be, it is very likely that the service will be abandoned completely.

After the earlier post the cabinet member for Environment and Sustainability, Cllr John Howard, asked us if we would publish a response to which we replied of course. It’s been a while coming and now we know why. We look forward to hearing what he has to say, if anything.

I’m off to my shed to blow the cobwebs off my shredder and get some WD40 on its moving parts as I’m going to need it next spring.

You may wish to consider a discount compost bin.


  1. This is likely to encourage more fly tipping. My Mum is 90 so she won't be fly tipping but I expect I'll end up taking her garden waste home to put in my green bin in Epping. Epping don't charge (yet).

  2. there used to be a green waste collection in Fullwell roundabout car park on Fridays. Will that be reinstated I wonder.? I hope so.

  3. If this goes ahead what are people expected to do....
    Put it with normal rubbish,
    Pile it up on the kerbside,
    Fly tipping.
    All most unsatisfactory.
    Please leave it as it is. Thank you.

  4. What do you expect? This is a service used in the leafy parts of the borough, the north and west. It's not needed in the Labour concrete jungle of squalid tower block flats that is now Ilford.

  5. What are the elederly who do not drive do with their green waste even is it is at Fullwell Cross roundabout.

    1. Take it up there in your shopping trolley?