Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coffee Morning

coffee pot and mug Next week on 27th November we have super sleuth Dominic Wiggan, ace reporter with our local rag the Ilford Recorder, coming to talk to us about sleuthing at our coffee morning.

Also in attendance, as a result of comments on an earlier post, will be Sonia Klein, the Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Ilford North, who will be “taking up a few minutes of our time”.

Cynics will no doubt be wondering if this is a sign of an early dash to the polls before things get even worse. I, of course, view it as a genuine desire to engage with her prospective constituents.

To the dates for the first quarter of next year:
Thursday 15th January 2009
Guest speaker will be Clive Durdle, Director of the Redbridge Disability Association and Chairman of the Redbridge Environment Partnership.
Thursday 19th February 2009
Thursday 19th March 2009
We are awaiting feedback from the Metropolitan Police Dog Section based up at Woodford Bridge who have been invited to come and talk about their work. Our man is currently on Jury Service. Whichever he takes up, the other will be offered to Ms Klein.

Oops! I forgot to mention that all our coffee mornings are held in the Hainault Room, Fullwell Cross Library, 10am - 12 noon.


  1. canine communicator3:09 pm, November 19, 2008

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  2. Didn't realise you drank coffee. Always thought you was and alcholic that bragged about his large dick

  3. I’ve had a few of these comments from this Anon recently, which have not been published, but I thought I’d treat you all to this one just to remind everybody about Nutjobs on the internet and to be very careful about who you give your email address to.