Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yes Please!

closing down posterHere is an interesting report on the Area Committee 4 Agenda for next week, 21st March. As a result of a petition on Wanstead High Street, the Redbridge Cabinet are considering whether to make a formal submission to the Department of Communities and Local Government supporting the Evening Standard newspaper’s “Save our Small Shops campaign.”
“The petition is about diversity being undermined by the loss of small independent retailers in favour of wealthier national companies, and leading to undesirable, homogenised towns that are characterless replicas of each other and the loss of valuable `village’ communities.”
The report also states that “Burger King is classed as `key attractor’ by national survey companies like Experian Goad.” Maybe, but what exactly are they attracting? If Barkingside High Street is anything to go by it’s more of the same - hardly diversity.
“The concerns raised by the petition have been debated for several years. An independent body the New Economic Foundation in 2004 published “Clone Town Britain - The loss of local identity on the nation’s high street.” The report concluded with a manifesto to breathe life back into Britain’s local economies. Amongst the things the manifesto calls for are:
  • A Sustainable Communities Bill;
  • Local communities and authorities to be given the ability to ban new chain sores from high streets; including using planning obligations to force retail developers to include locally owned shops in their schemes;
  • Rate relief for locally owned high street shops;
  • Code of conduct for supermarkets; and
  • Capping of the size of supermarkets."
Message for Councillors on Area 3 and Cabinet Members:
Yes Please!

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