Monday, March 12, 2007

Round Up

A number of local topics have been discussed recently at Local Area Committees [LAC]. The next round of LACs for Areas 3 and 4 are detailed in an earlier post here. The schedule for May onwards has not yet been set

Fullwell Cross Swimming Pool:
Your council has set aside £2.5million for repair and refurbishment over five years. £1.8million of that is to be spent from April 2007 when the pool will be closed for some eighteen weeks during the summer. Very good information sheets are available at the pool.

Fairlop Waters:
Together with the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association we continue to press for a joint meeting with Iain Varah [of Redbridge Council] in order to obtain an update and offer suggestions. At our request this topic is on the agenda for the next LAC4 21/3/07 and LAC3 25/4/07.

Claybury Park:
The transfer of the park from Crest Homes to Redbridge Borough Council is overdue because of a number of unresolved snagging items. We have requested an item on the next LAC3 agenda 25.04.07.

A Regeneration Programme is to be undertaken by Redbridge Council. Various suggestions were discussed at LAC3 26/2/07 including an Agenda 21 initiative. Watch out for developments.

Alley Ways:
To the rear of shops in Barkingside High Street. We are unhappy with the rat run of traffic and the disgraceful fly-tipping, rubbish and litter in these alleys. LAC3 will provide a report, 25/4/07.
These are some of the many topics discussed at Local Area Committees – you should come along and have your say.


  1. I live around the back of the High street.
    It may sound amusing, but those 2 really big pot-holes behind the snooker hall can get really full when it's been raining. We have a really hard job getting out of our front door, and have had to place strategically placed rocks to use as stepping stones!
    Who owns this land? as it could do with a really good tarmacing.
    Another complaint for the yobs who keep leaving their empty beer cans on my step and smashing my downstairs light...thanks! One day somebody will break their neck.

  2. As I understand it, these access roads are jointly owned by all the owners of the properties that have right of way access. This includes you or your landlord. That's why it is such a problem. Getting all to agree to spend their fair share on maintenance is a tough task.

    That said, look on the bright side. Pot holes are upside down speed humps and without these you would have boy racers using these alleyways as rat-runs.